Sunday, June 12, 2016

Advice for Tuesday's Exam

Make sure you know everything on the study sheet I handed out Thursday!

Also, remind yourself what each of our assigned readings argued... even if we didn't spend much if any time on them together in discussion. I'll be asking you to identify quotes from some of our readings.

I'll make part one of the exam available at 2.30pm sharp, so arrive early if you want ten extra minutes.

Bring spare pens and pencils in case your ink runs out or some other mishap occurs.

You'll provide your answer on the exam itself, so there is no need to bring blue books or anything like that. You can also use the backs and margins of the exam's pages for workspace.

The Midterm will be administered in two parts. Again, Part One will be made available at 2.30pm, Tuesday, and you may continue work on Part One until 3.45 at the very latest. Part Two will be made available at 3.45 till the end of class, at 5.00. Feel free to hand in Part One whenever you have completed it to your satisfaction, and take a break before Part Two begins at 3.45.

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