Thursday, June 23, 2016

Mid-Term EXTRA CREDIT Assignment

From a single recent publication (a Sunday newspaper edition published during the run of the course, a recent magazine, something like that) identify examples of the following: 
(1) A formal fallacy, 
(2) an instance of valid formal reasoning, 
(3, 4, 5) three different informal fallacies, 
(6-10) and five different figures of which at least two are schemes. 
In order to get ANY credit you must identify ALL ten, at which point I will give you one extra credit point per correct example. If all ten of your examples are correct, I will give you an extra five points, for fifteen total. These points will be added to the percentage you earned on your mid-term exam. Each example must be documented either by cutting scraps from the periodical or cutting/pasting it into a document from an online source. You can hand in this assignment at any time between today and the last meeting of course together. Good luck!

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